Drawing Apps for Kids

Looking for a way to get your tablet addicted kid to engage in some hands on fun like drawing? Are you also not interested in the mess and organizational nightmare that many are projects entail? Don’t count out the potential that exists in many creative drawing and art apps. Here are some of the best to consider.

Great All Around

Drawing Pad $1.99
Available for Apple and select Android products

What could be better than an app that lets you seamlessly switch between pencils, crayons, and paint in the same project? With easy to use erase and sticker features, plus the option to save and share your finished artwork, Drawing Pad is perhaps one of the easiest to use and the most straightforward when it comes to drawing apps.

For hours of self-directed and imaginative fun in a traditional format, this one is hard to beat.


Guilt Free Fun Time

Toontastic FREE (with plenty of optional add-on purchases)
Available for Apple Products

Want to make sure your child is actually learning something in the process of all this play? Fair enough. This app is great fun that has a lot for kids to explore in the way of storytelling, animation, writing, and more.

A cross between drawing and action figure play lets kids drag and drop characters, add scenery, music, and dialogue, choosing from a huge variety of parts to complete their story.


Super Simple

SketchMoo2 $0.99
Available for Apple products

Bare bones in its design, this app won’t be the most rewarding for those seeking a complex experience, but it does offer plenty for those need a quick fix or a way to get really young ones involved.

Operating in the same basic way as an etch-a-sketch, drawings are easy to get down and just as easy to erase. This one is for the doodlers among us.


Fun for Free

Art of Glow FREE
Available for Android products

Many apps are cheap, but why get for cheap the fun and creativity that you can get for free?

Art of Glow is an example of the kind of app that brings just as much to the table for none of the cost.
Essentially a finger paint version of Lite Brite, Art of Glow benefits from awesome graphics and great design with plenty of fun options (animated twinkle stars sound like fun to you?) that will encourage anyone, no matter what they age to have fun and explore.


PS – A similar app exists for Apple, though at $0.99, it’s not quite free.

Glow Doodle

Fun for Everyone

Wreck This App $4.99
Available for Apple and Android Products

Sometimes you want to play too! Adding this app to your device guarantees a lot of shared fun and maybe even a few fights about whose turn it is to play.

Follow the on-screen prompts to draw, drip, smear, tear, and explore. Or simple follow your own artistic impulses with reckless abandon and you’ll be sure to have just as much fun.


Download these apps and you’re sure to keep your kids entertained. And you won’t even have to worry that they’re rotting their brains in the process.