How to Draw a Bernese Mountain Dog

In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to draw a Bernese Mountain Dog in 9 easy steps - great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represent how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps - you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Bernese Mountain Dog.

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How to Draw a Bernese Mountain Dog - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Start by drawing the head! This might look complicated, but its only a few lines. First start with a curved dome for the top of hte head, then do a small straight line slightly down and to the left. Draw the next line down, then curve it towards the back to make the chin. Put a small rain-drop above the chin to make the mouth, and give your rain drop a tail to help make the lips.

Step 2: Next, put in two circles for the eyes, and a triangle with curved edges for the nose. The bottom of the triangle should have a line going down to meet the very top of the tear-drop shape you drew before, making the lips. Put two circles in the triangle and your nose is done!

Step 3: Now draw a two lines to create the pattern on the face. The first will start at the top of the head, and curve down to slant between the eye and the nose. The second line with start near the top of the head as well, and curve around the eye, then squiggle slightly before meeting the lips. Then the ear is drawn by making a long U shape with a flap at the bottom.

Step 4: To draw the front leg and paw, first make a slightly wavy, curved line that starts at the front of the dog's chin, and goes down to make a foot. Draw a sock shape with thin toes to make the shape, then add small curved lines at the bottom to draw the toes. Draw a wavey line above the toes as well!

Step 5: Now for the chest! Bernese Mountain dogs have a big fuzzy patch of fur right on their chests, so draw a squiggly line that starts in the middle of your ear, and travels down to meet the foot you have drawn. Then curve it back up to meet with the line above the foot.

Step 6: Next we draw the other front leg. Make a sock shape with a wide top. Put in curved lines to make the toes, and a wavey line above the toes to make hte fur pattern. Make sure the back line of your foot curves towards the back so the leg looks big!

Step 7: Now draw the back and the belly. The back is made with a line that curves twice, first down, then back up to make a flat back, then down again to draw the rear. The belly is drawn with one gently curving line that goes up and to the back.

Step 8: Now draw a leg that connects to the empty spaces you left! Both lines will curve down towards each other, before making a sock shape for the first back leg. Make sure this foot is smaller than the front feet, and add small toes and a line above the toes as you did before.

Step 9: Another sock shape is added to make the last foot, right between the front and back legs. Little curved lines make the toes, and a line above the foot makes the pattern in the fur. Now you've draw the dog!

Interesting Facts about Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese mountain dogs are members of the Sennenhund dog family. They have long coats that are brown, black, and white. Bernese mountain dogs are native to the mountains of Switzerland. They are part of the working dog breed.

Did You Know?

  • Years ago, Bernese mountain dogs were originally bred to help farmers herd their cattle. Today, you can find them in the role of rescue dogs on the Swiss mountains.
  • Bernese mountain dogs are also known as Bernese Sennenhunds and Bernese cattle dogs.
  • Bernese mountain dogs are one of the largest dog breeds. They can grow to be as tall as two feet and weigh between 70 and 120 pounds. Females weigh slightly less than males.
  • The average lifespan of a Bernese mountain dog is 8 years.
  • Bernese mountain dogs become adults when they turn a year old.
  • Bernese mountain dogs are very active and like to exercise daily.

As pets, Bernese mountain dogs are loyal and usually pick a favorite amongst the members of the household. They are said to be kind and gentle with children. They very affectionate and they strive to please their owners. Bernese mountain dogs love to be the center of attention; they constantly want to be around the family.