How to Draw a Black-Collared Barbet

In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to draw a Black Collared Barbet in 7 easy steps - great for kids and novice artists.

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At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Black Collared Barbet.

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How to Draw a Black Collared Barbet - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: To draw black-collared barbet, start by making a sideways ‘V’ shape for the beak and add a curved line on top for the head. Add a shorter curved line underneath for the neck.

Step 2: Draw a line to create the bird’s face. Then add a line for his mouth, and a small dot for his nostril. Then add an eye.

Step 3: Now add a long sloping lone downwards for the bird’s chest. The black collared barbet gets his name from the black collar of feathers around his neck. Draw some lines to create this ‘collar’.

Step 4: Next, we’ll add his wings by making a large sideways ‘V’ shape. Add a big looping ‘U’ shape for the top part of the wing, and some lines for the feathers.

Step 5: Add a small line for the bird’s haunch. Then draw the rest of his leg and add a foot with some long toes.

Step 6: Higher up on the bird’s body, add another foot.

Step 7: Last, add the bird’s tail and you’re done! You can draw a branch for the bird to sit on and some berries for him to eat, which is his favorite food. He has a vibrant orange red face, a black collar, and a grayish white chest with dark gray wings.

Interesting Facts about Black-Collared Barbets

Black-collared barbets are a bird species that are members of the Lybiidae family. This family includes other barbets that are native to Africa. The black-collared barbet comes from sub-Saharan Africa. Some countries in which you can find them are Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Kenya.

Did you know?

  • Two birds at a time sing together in duets. If you ever hear their song, they are so in tune with each other that it sounds as if only one bird is singing.
  • On average, they are about eight to 10 inches long.
  • Their diet includes fruits and vegetables. They especially like figs. They also eat insects, lizards, frogs, and geckos.
  • They sleep in groups called roosts at night. There are about 10 birds in a roost. During the day, they are usually seen in groups of four.

Male and female black-collared barbets work together to build a nest for their eggs. The nest is usually in a hole in a dead branch of a wild fig tree. The female lays two to five eggs, and both parents take turns keeping them warm. The eggs hatch after 18 days. The parents feed the chicks fruit and insects. After about one month, the chicks leave the nest.