How to Draw a Cobia

In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to draw a Cobia in 7 easy steps - great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represent how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps - you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Cobia.

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How to Draw a Cobia - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: To begin drawing your Cobia, you will need to start by drawing the head. To create the head draw a triangle with two angled lines on the base. Be sure to leave an opening for the mouth.

Step 2: Next you will need to add the face. You can start by adding a circle for the eye, then add a curved line for the gill and two angled lines to finish the lips.

Step 3: Your next step is to draw the body. Draw a curved line for the top and bottom of the body, tapering them in and meeting at the end.

Step 4: Next you will draw the upper fins. For the main fin draw a triangle on top of the body with a line drawing it out to the back. For the small top fins draw a few jagged lines by the head.

Step 5: Now you will draw the lower fins. For the back fin draw a fin similar to the top one coming off the bottom of the body. Next draw the front bottom fin by drawing a small oval shape.

Step 6: The next step is to draw the tail. You can create the tail by drawing two triangles, with one end starting at the bottom and meeting together in the middle.

Step 7: The final step is to add the pattern to the body and draw the flipper. To add the pattern draw a line through the middle from the front all the way to the back. For the flipper draw an irregular shaped triangle and put it in the middle of the body. Your Cobia is now done.

Interesting Facts about the COBIA

The Cobia is a member of the fish family and the scientific term for them is Rachycentron canadum. The name comes from the Latin (Greek) word Rachy (rhachis) for “spine” and centron (kentron) for “sting.”Other common names for this marine species are Black Kingfish, Black Salmon, Ling, Lemonfish, Crabeater, Prodigal Son, and Aruan Tasek.

Did you know?

  • The animal was first documented in 1766.
  • This species can live to be over 15 years of age.
  • They are almost 200 pounds in weight.
  • The maximum water temperature for this fish is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The minimum water temperature for this fish is 34 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They can have eggs up to 30 times in one season.
  • The first dorsal fin has 9 spikes.
  • They can grow to about 6.5 feet long.

It’s the only species of its type, has a brown back with a white belly, and shaped like a shark. This animal eats crabs, squid, fish, and food remains by following behind sharks, turtles, and manta rays. Similarly, they are brave enough to follow boats, and resilient enough to endure various salt levels. Mako Sharks are one of the only predators for this animal.