How to Draw Boo Boo Bear From Yogi Bear

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How to Draw Boo Boo Bear From Yogi Bear - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1:

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Interesting Facts about Boo Boo Bear from Yogi Bear

Boo Boo Bear is a Hanna-Barbera character who appears in the Yogi Bear series, starting in 1958. As Yogi Bear’s best friend, he is a main character of the series and frequently appears alongside Yogi in almost every episode. Boo Boo acts as the better half of Yogi’s mischievous picnic basket stealing antics. He often tries to convince Yogi of reasons that stealing food would not be a good idea, and reminds him that Mr. Ranger won’t like what they’re doing.

Did you know?

  • Like Yogi Bear, Boo Boo is an American Grizzly Bear.
  • It is never explicitly said if Boo Boo is a young bear or simply a short bear, but he does at one point try to join the “Cub Scouts”.
  • Boo Boo has appeared in several parodies, starring as a parody of his usually pleasant persona.
  • In the show “Dexter’s Laboratory”, Boo Boo makes a guest appearance as an animatronic robot.
  • At one point, Boo Boo was replaced by another bear named “Scare Bear”.

Boo Boo resembles other Hanna-Barbera sidekicks, such as Barney Rubble. He is much shorter than Yogi Bear, although he otherwise looks like a round brown bear with fur resembling hair on his head. He is always seen wearing a blue bow tie.