How to Draw Dino From The Flintstones

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How to Draw Dino From The Flintstones - Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Interesting Facts about Dino from The Flintstones

Dino is a purple dinosaur that appears as a pet in the television show “The Flintstones”. He appears in the first episode of the show in 1960, but isn’t given a name until the fourth episode. Like most of the animals on the show, he acts differently than one would expect; he barks, pants and acts like a regular pet dog.

Did you know?

  • Dino is a species of dinosaur named “Snorkasaurus”.
  • Although he appears to be a long-necked type of dinosaur, he is much smaller than all the others shown on the series.
  • Several times during the show, it is up to Dino to save Bamm-bamm and Pebbles, the children on the show.
  • Dino often appears in the show jumping to meet Fred Flintstone at the door, knocking him over and licking his face.
  • Mel Blanc’s distinctive yapping for Dino was later reused in the Flintstones films, although the voice actor had been dead for years.

In all but one episode, Dino acts like a normal household pet. However, in “The Snorkasaurus Hunter”, Dino is shown in a flashback as dramatically different. Not only is he blue, but he stands upright and talks, eventually being taken home by Fred and Barney. The episode finishes with Dino acting as a sort of butler for the family, but all episodes afterwards, Dino is back to acting like a dog.