How to Draw Mort From Penguins Of Madagascar

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How to Draw Mort From Penguins Of Madagascar - Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Interesting Facts about Mort from Penguins of Madagascar

Mort is a character from the movie series Madagascar, also appearing in the spin off series the penguins of Madagascar. He is one of the lemurs brought back to the zoo, and seems to enjoy it there. Although he might be one of the less intelligent characters in the show, he is “death resistant” because of his stupidity. The penguins resent Mort for being as cute as he is, but like him more than King Julian. Mort has the tendency to get in dangerous and even life threatening positions, but always makes it out alive.

Did you know?

  • Mort’s name comes from the Latin word mortem, which means death.
  • After aiding the penguins, Mort was made an honorary penguin in “Rat Fink”.
  • Although he is small, Mort likes his side and even requests to be made small after Kolwalski accidentally makes him huge.
  • Mort is a Goodman’s mouse lemur, which is known for being small and cute.
  • Because of his high, squeaky voice and overall cute appearance, Mort is often mistaken for being female.

Feet Obsession: One of Mort’s notable traits is his obsession with King Julian’s feet. Many times he is shown to do almost anything to get to King Julian’s feet, including break down walls or destroy things. When he gets to King Julian’s feet, Mort usually just hugs and cuddles them, but King Julian finds this incredibly distressing.

How to Draw Mort From Penguins Of Madagascar - Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Draw Mort From Penguins Of Madagascar – Step-by-Step Tutorial