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Interesting Facts about Amphibian Animals

Amphibians might be slippery and slimy, but that’s what makes them so ribbiting! Forgive the terrible pun and learn more about all the fun you can have with these unique creatures.

  • There are three types of amphibians: newts and salamanders, frogs and toads, and caecilians. Caecilians look like earthworms or snakes. They live in tropical regions and spend a lot of time underground.
  • Amphibians are a great animal to get to know in person! If you have time and access to a body of water, try going out and exploring the chance you get. Or if your circumstances demand more of a stay-at-home day, then there are still plenty of ways to have fun. Play a round of leapfrog, learn about amphibian anatomy with a fun drawing lesson, and then end the day with a fun frog-inspired snack like flies on a log (raisings on peanut butter and celery) or more.
  • Lucky creatures that they are, amphibians split their time between land and water! As youngsters born in water they have gills and tails. Later in life they develop limbs and lungs. In fact, the word amphibian literally means “two lives”!
  • Most amphibians follow a cycle of transformation from egg to larva to adult. Try sketching this out to understand the metamorphosis that they undergo! The process might even make a cool flipbook!
  • Amphibians are cold-blooded. Unlike mammals that have self-regulating internal body heats, amphibians rely on their environment for their temperature.
  • Understanding the way that temperature works and can affect the world around us can be a complex lesson, but you can make it more accessible with a literally cool art project, like this simple one that shows how hot and cold separate.
  • Or keep it even simpler, use watercolors to design your own aquarium-imagine the ideal environment for a cold-blooded critter! A real salamander or frog might not be able to live in your design, but we bet one of your amphibian sketches might!

How to Draw Amphibians - Step-by-Step Tutorials