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Interesting Facts about Plants

Plants dominate not only the land but also the lives of every animal that walks on it; without them no animals would be able to live on dry land including humans. We depend on them to generate oxygen, provide shade, produce food, and help us create important materials. There is no end to how helpful plants are or the interesting facts about them.

Did You Know?

  • There are more than 80,000 different species of edible plant on the Earth but people only grow and eat about 30 different kinds.
  • We wouldn’t have vanilla flavoring if not for the pod of an orchid called Vanilla Planifolia, often referred to as vanilla beans despite being related to corn.
  • Every part of the Mediterranean flowering shrub, oleander, is poisonous. If you ingest it will cause cardiac, intestinal, and central nervous problems if not death.
  • Roses are part of the same family as strawberries, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, quinces.


It can be surprising what plant species are related to each other. Have students pick a plant, then have each of them research what that plant is related to. When their done have students report their findings to the class to show how plants are closely connected.

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