African Animals

On this page you’ll discover all our African Animals, but first…

Interesting Facts about African Animals

Africa has a reputation for being exotic and with its many beautiful animal residents it’s easy to see why. From lions and cheetahs to gorillas to gazelle to cranes to hippos, elephants, and rhinoceroses, the list of amazing African animals is seemingly endless. Here are some fun ideas to get to know them better.

  • Set up a ‘stay-at-home’ safari. Draw your favorite African animals and place them around the house in their ideal habitats. Then set out with a camera to capture what you discover! Put on the soundtrack to The Lion King while you hunt for some added fun.
  • Africa has a lot to offer all around. Put on some African music, set the table with your own drawings and designs, and chow down on a traditional African recipe! You can even tell people that you’ve been to Africa after it’s all done…well, maybe not, but you’ll be closer than most!
  • Much of Africa is hot and covered in deserts or thick forests. Despite that you can still find penguins in Africa near the South African cape where currents are very, very cold.
  • What are some other places that you would never expect to see a penguin? You could make your own Where’s Waldo book with all the possibilities!
  • The biggest land mammal is the African Elephant. They can weigh up to 5,500 kilograms. Could you even fit one inside your house? Try drawing one to scale and see how many sheets of paper you use. You might have to head outside for this one…
  • In fact, there are lots of big animals in Africa that you could try this with. This includes the gorilla (180kg), the Goliath frog in Cameroon (a foot long), African rock python (more than 20 ft. long) and the Egyptian Nile Crocodile (more than fifteen feet).

How to Draw African Animals - Step-by-Step Tutorials