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Interesting Facts about Fish

Populate your own personal aquarium with these fun fish drawings! Here are some facts about aquatic life to get you inspired.

  • Think a lot of kids go to your school? Large groups of fish (called ‘schools’) can sometimes number in the millions! Not only that but they are incredibly complex and coordinated groups. If you have a group with you, see how well you can move in sync without talking or planning! It’s probably tougher than you’d think.
  • Fish have a lot of very strong senses. Many fish see in color, have special hairs that help them to sense changes in water pressure, and are even covered in taste buds.
  • Does that mean that fish are picky eaters? Imagine what you might make if you were having a fish over for dinner! Make your favorite meal or mish-mash of your favorite dishes, and then you can do some research to find the real answer after that.
  • If you got into a race with a sailfish, you would lose. These fish can go up to 68mph! Next time you’re at the pool take out a stopwatch and see just how badly you would lose. This can be a fun exercise to help kids or even teens understand speed-divide distance over time and you’ll find the result.
  • Fish don’t talk but they do make a lot of noise! In fact, many fish communicate by making sounds with other parts of their bodies or their environment. You might not end up making another language, but this can inspire a lot of fun activities ranging from an exploration of non-verbal communication to using things around us to make music!
  • Some of these ideas are involved and complex, but they don’t have to be. Fish are among the most varied and interesting animals out there. Kids can draw the craziest fish their imagination can conjure up and odds are the results still won’t be as wild as the blobfish, the parrotfish, or any number of other varieties just waiting to be discovered.

How to Draw Fish - Step-by-Step Tutorials