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Interesting Facts about Trees

Trees are one of the most important organisms on our planet, without them life on Earth wouldn’t be able to exist the way it does today. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere and convert it into the oxygen that living creatures on the land need to breath. They produce fruit for us to eat, wood for building, and paper.

Did You Know?

  • Many modern and ancient medicines are made from pieces of trees. Aspirin was originally created from the bark of willow trees.
  • The most dangerous tree in the world is called the manchineel; found in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico its sap causes blisters and blindness if it gets in the eyes.
  • No tree has ever died of old age, instead trees are killed by insects, disease, or cut down by people. The oldest trees in the world are 4,000 to 5,000 years old.
  • Trees are able to absorb 22.7kgs (50lbs) of carbon dioxide per year and can also produce 2,721kgs (5,998.78lbs) per year.


Trees are able to absorb huge amounts of carbon, as much as the average car produces driving 41,500km. To help students understand how much trees are taking in have them stack 50 1lb blocks on top of each other.

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