South American Animals

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Interesting Facts about South American Animals

Not sure what to draw next? South America has one of the most varied and diverse animal populations in the world residing in its incredible assorted ecosystems. With creatures ranging from the capybara to caiman to llamas to giant river otters to anacondas, South America is sure to house something that will fit the bill for your next animal themed art project!

  • There are many animals that are only found in South America as a result of its isolation in the distant past as well as its modern environment, including rich tropical rainforests perfect for nurturing life. For example, just the country of Ecuador is home to 18% of the world’s species of birds!
  • As you draw and sketch take a virtual trip to South America, use travel apps or even movies like Rio to get an idea of the world that the animals you’re drawing are from!
  • As a result of deforestation and unsustainable logging methods, the rainforest and many other South American landscapes are being forever changed, destroying habitats for hundreds of species.
  • Plan a lesson around the environmental challenges that South America faces and how they might not be different from those that we face in North America too. Design a poster with facts decorated by the many animals affected by the changing world.
  • Because of the denseness and diversity of the South American ecosystems, there are still even new species being discovered from time to time. The last time this happened a new species of Tapir was found. Tapirs are Mammalsorous mammals that look a little bit like pigs but not any pig you’ve ever met!
  • Challenge kids to push their imaginations by putting together bits and pieces of their favorite animals to design a totally new creature that we’ve yet to meet!
  • Don’t forget when drawing a piranha or toucan that those animals call someplace home that’s more than just physically different from yours. Pick an animal and learn about its environment including the local culture and history!
  • Things like animals and food are easy access points to other communities. And South America is a place that is as rich and varied in culture as it is in wildlife.
  • You can even have a South American night. Decorate the dining room with animals and art that you might see in South American before treating yourself to a South American dish.

How to Draw South American Animals - Step-by-Step Tutorials