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Interesting Facts about Carnivorous Animals

Carnivores are animals that eat meat to survive. There are two other types of diets that animals stick to: herbivores that eat plant life to sustain themselves, and omnivores that eat a little bit of both.

  • Carnivores can be reptiles, amphibians, or mammals, and you can find them living in pretty much any kind of environment too! Carnivores include domestic animals like cats and dogs, insects like spiders, mammals like dolphins and badgers, reptiles like alligators, and birds like owls.
  • Carnivores are at the top of the food chain, which basically means that they get the energy from meat that gets its energy from plants that gets its energy from the sun. Sound complicated? Use your paints or colored pencils to sketch it out and it becomes a lot clearer. It’s all just one big cycle.
  • Being a carnivore requires a certain set of skills, primarily the ability to tear apart and chew meat. That means that most carnivores have teeth that help them with this. That doesn’t mean that you have to start drawing bears and lions with big cheesy grins though.
  • There are even some plants that are carnivorous! The most well known of these is probably the Venus flytrap. In fact, it’s not too hard to find one of these to bring home. Just make sure to tend to it well with plenty of flies to eat and water to drink. You can even motivate yourself to take care by keeping a journal of its development complete with sketches to show how it’s doing.
  • Are you a carnivore? You might think that you want to be, but that’s not such a great idea because we all need energy from plants like vegetables to be healthy too.
  • Look up the food pyramid and sketch it down with illustrated examples to remind yourself or teach other kids what a healthy diet looks like. Then try drawing what a food pyramid looks like for a carnivore or a herbivore. Here’s a hint, it’s a lot simpler.

How to Draw Carnivorous - Step-by-Step Tutorials