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Interesting Facts about Pokemon

Pocket Monsters, otherwise known as Pokemon, are collectible monsters that individuals called Trainers collect mostly for the use of battle. Of course, these animal-like creatures can also be companions to their Trainers who function in important ways both on and off the battlefield. Wild Pokemon are the most commonly captured Pokemon, as they can be abundant depending on the region and require only some skill and a PokeBall-a red and white spherical object-to obtain. Usually the Pokemon will listen to its Trainer from then on, unless the Trainer isn’t experienced enough to capably handle the creature. If that is the case, they will just act on their own wishes instead. Each Pokemon has a mind of its own, as well as its own unique temperament and attitude, so some are more difficult to train than others. If a Trainer can establish a good, strong bond with their Pokemon, they will be capable of doing many great things together.

Some Pokemon have been seen helping humans with tasks, such as nursing, construction and numerous other jobs. These Pocket Monsters and humans generally have a very amiable relationship with each other, and help one another out whenever and however they can.

Pokemon level up when they fight in battles, gaining experience with each victory. When a Pokemon has gained enough levels, or has been exposed to certain elements, they can evolve into even more powerful monsters with stronger abilities and greater health. This process, called evolution, is how all of the strongest and most magnificent Pokemon have come to be. With enough training and experience, each Pocket Monster can become a fierce, capable and intimidating foe in battle.

In the Pokemon universe, it is most every Trainer’s biggest desire to become a Master of Pokemon. To do this, the Trainer must defeat gym leaders, who have teams of their strongest monsters that the Trainer must fight against with their own Pokemon. When a Trainer defeats enough gym leaders, earning badges as they go, they face the most powerful Trainers in the region-the Final Four. Defeating these four people will earn you the title of Regional Master, a coveted and very important title.

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